Proxy Settings

Proxy setting has been embedded in AntSword since v1.1.2. It is DISABLED by default. According to your situation, you are able to customize your proxy setting in order to connect to your shell.

Procedures of setting up your proxy are as follows:

1.Open AntSword, click menu, and select「Proxy Setting

2.decide the method of connecting to your shell

select「Manual set the proxy」, and fill in the information needed.

AntSword provides 4 diffrent proxies: 「HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, SOCKS4」 If you are using shadowsocks, please select SOCKS5.

After filling in anything needed, don't be hurry to save button. Firstly click Test Connect, and type any URL you want to test in order to make sure everything is OK.

3.Click 「save」button after connection is Ok. And after this, restart AntSword.


What do proxies do?
  • Connect to the shell which is part of intranet
  • Speed up your connection
  • Hide your real IP
  • Integrate with tools, such as BurpSuite.

More ways of using AntSword are waiting for you to find.