Get AntSword

Requirement: AntSword >=v2.0.0

1.Download AntSword Loader.

Starting from v2.0.0-beta, we introduce the concepts of Loader. Users or developers only need to download the AntSword Loader according to your OS. Everyone can directly edit/execute/debug the latest source code for developers and for users without extra environment.

Please select specific loader according to your loader:

Click here get AntSword Loader

2.Get source code & Load Source

When you firstly open loader, the interface looks like this:

firt time to open loader

Click 「Initialize」, select an empty directory as AntSword Work Directory. After that, reopen the AntSword loader. Then you should be able to see the main interface of AntSword.

Main Interface

Of course, if you already have the AntSword source code before, you can select this directory as the working directory when you select the working directory in this step.

Are you still in the installation? I'm sorry to tell you: Everything is done. :>