Release Plugins

All plugins of AntSword is hosted on GitHub: AntSword-Store so that everyone could review it online.

This section talks about backdoor of plugins and solution. Please read it very carefully.

How To Release

  1. Create a empty repository and upload source code of your plugins into it on GitHub

    Please make sure that your plugin's name doesn't share the same name at AntSword-Store.

  2. Commit an issue about your application for uploading to official AntSword Plugin Store

  3. Fill in basic informatin according to the template of issue

     ## Application For New Plugin
     - [ ] I DO make sure this plugin is only for website management instead of ILLEGAL USE.
     - [ ] I make sure that this doesn't share too much code with other plugins.
     - [ ] This plugin have been tested successfully without severe bugs.
     - [ ] I've writen `package.json` according to the code-style of plugins.
     - [ ] I've add `` with details of how to use this plugin.
     The URL of my plugin:

    Here is an example for reference: New Plugin: PortScan

  4. After finishing auditing, we'll fork your plugin into our official repository, which is AntSword-Store

How To Update

  1. The author update your plugin in your repository
  2. Create a Pull Request(PR) to AntSword-Store
  3. We will update after auditing

Only accept the original author's PR. Other contributors could create a PR to original author if you want to update the plugin owned by others.

Here is an example for reference: Update Plugin: AS_BugScan

Report Abuse

Whether this plugin is embedded an backdoor is that everyone cares mostly. Official AntSword-Store are trying to this kind of phenomenon by auditing all the applications and updates.

It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT to use any plugins from the 3rd party.

Please choose HIGHLY carefully for high possibiliy that backdoors are embedded from 3rd party.

If you find any backdoors, pluease create an issue to report abuse.

Template for reporting backdoors:

## Report backdoors:

- [ ] I've make sure that this plugin has backdoors embedded
- [ ] I've located the position of backdoors


### Details:

Please decribe it carefully and tell us how to reproduce.