Plugins Introduction

In order to make plugins as clear as possible, this section will introduce you to how it works behind AntSword and how to develop one.

Development of Concept

「Plugins」 is only able to communicate with shells.

How it works

Here is a work flow of how the plugins work.(PortScan is taken as an example).


  1. The flow is ordered by time from top to button.
  2. Just omit step 4 and step 5 if there's no need to interactive with users, such as a plugin named phpinfo.
  3. UI is created on Step 4. However you can choose any UI as you like. dhtmlx is RECOMMENDED to keep the same UI style.
  4. Step 7 and step 8 is about HTTP request and response. If you do it all the time if you have to.
  5. The communication between the core and plugins could be template code, such as phpinfo, or operation on webshells(such as CopyShell)