Introduce to Source of Plugins

The plugins will be installed in antsword/antData/plugins. Every plugin has its own directory, while its name is the same as that on Github. The directory of plugins can get created by any author. Howevert, antsword/antData/plugins-dev is RECOMMENDED.

Make sure that names that you are gonna use has no conflicts with other plugins.

All files of a simplest plugin of AntSword are as follows:

├──     // Introduction to this plugin.
├── package.json  // basic dependies(ESSENTIAL)
└── index.js      // entrance to plugins. Named asigned by package.json


This file includes basic information, which is needed when core framework loading list of plugins. Also, this file must be under the root directory of plugins.

Let's take CopyShell as an example:

  "name": "Copy Shell配置",
  "name_en": "CopyShell",
  "main": "index.js",
  "icon": "clipboard",
  "version": "0.1",
  "description": "复制选中的WebShell配置到剪贴板",
  "description_en": "Copy WebShell URL to ClibBoard",
  "author": {
    "name": "Medici.Yan",
    "email": "[email protected]"
  "category": "",
  "category_en": "",
  "multiple": false,
  "scripts": ["php", "asp", "aspx", "custom"]
Field Instruction Comment
name name by Chinese
name_en name by English
main entrance file
icon icon More: FontAwesome
version version coding style: X.Y.Z ( You can omit Z when Z is 0)
description description by Chinese
description_en description by English explain what your plugin do simply.
author author's information stored as list type
author["name"] author's name
author["email"] author's email
category categories by Chinese
category_en categories by English The plugin will show up under Default.
multiple whether support multiple plugins, value: true, false Case sensitive.false ==> only call the object you selected; true ==> call the list of multiple objects.
scripts value: phpaspaspxcustom CASE SENSITIVE


entrance file, named by the field of main of package.json.


class Plugin {
  constructor(opt) {  // constructor
     // coding here
     // ...

module.exports = Plugin;

opt will be the selected webshell object if multiple is setted as false. Otherwise it should be a list. You can see the difference when you are debugging.

Next section will guide you to develop your first plugin, named myphpinfo.