「Shell Management」 is setted by default when you are using AntSword. The left panel is 「Shell Lists」 while the right one is 「Categories Management」. A menu can be popped up by clicking at any blank area.

Shell Lists

Webshell will be shown here by lists. You can select this webshell by left-clicking in order to select this shell. Then you can right-click to pop up a menu window or just double-click to enter 「File Management」

Manage Categories

Please see details in Shell Management - Categories Management

Pop up a menu

  • Terminal

    Use [Terminal] (../terminal/README.md), and get a terminal by webshell.

  • File Management

    Use File Management, and manage files by webshell.

  • Database Management

    Use Database Management, and manage database by webshells.

  • Browse Website

    Access to this shell directly, and save cookies into shell's config.

    When it comes to webshells which needed to be logined in firstly(especially under the directory of admin), you could use 「brose website」 feature to save cookies into the config of your specific webshel after passing authentication.

  • Load Plugins

    Load plugins into the seleted webshell. See details in Load Plugins

  • Plugin Store

    Go to 「Plugins Store」 to manage your plugins.

  • Add Data

    Add a new webshell.

  • Edit Data

    Modify the current selected config of webshell.

  • Delete Data

    Delete current selected webshell. Also AntSword supports delete several webshells at the same time.

  • Move Data

    Move current selected webshell into the specific category.

  • Clear Cache

    Clear the local cache of current webshell.

    AntSword won't clear cache automatically. You have to do it manually according situations.

  • Clear All Cache

    Clear all local cache.