Shell Config

AntSword pursues the free, flexible, highly extendible config of shells, which can make shells more powerful and colorful.

Basic Config

The basic config of shells includes basic information only. Connectivity of shell can encounter errors if you has wrong config.

  • URL

    Every network package will be sent to this URL.

  • Password

    This means password to webshell you want to connect.

  • Encoder Setting

    You will get messy codes if encoder isn't chosen correctly.

    Under Windows7

    Character encoding is GBK for cmd(only for Chinese users). ANSI is used by some files. However some source files could be edited by using UTF-8

    If you have messy characters, please solve it according the table below:

Shell Character encoding Windows XP/7/8/Server 2003 Chinese Version Windows 10 Chinese Version *nix
PHP GBK(Terminal)/UTF8(File Management) UTF8 UTF8

Korean(Euc-KR),Japanese(Euc-JP or Shift_JIS)

Notice: You have to clear cache manually after chaning the encoder.

  • Interpreter Categories

    You can choose PHP, ASP, ASPX, CUSTOM.

    If you choose use CUSTOM, please make sure that the server can interpret your scripts. Reference ==> HERE

    Users can write your own shells. More details.Develop Custom Webshells

  • Encoder

    Encoders are one of main cores of AntSword, which can be used to encryption of connectivity between AntSword and server webshells.

    You may get an amazing advantage when you are trying to connect to servers behind firewalls.

    • default

      This will transfer plain data without using any encoders. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Special characters will get escaped, which may result in errors.

    • random

      AntSword will pick up encoders randomly to connect.

    • base64

      AntSword will use base64 to encode. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. This feature has already been marked by WAF.

    • chr

      AntSword will use chr function in PHP to communicate. (Only in PHP). RECOMMENDED

    • hex

      AntSword will transform data into hex to communicate in ASPX and CUSTOME. RECOMMENDED

    • xxxxdog

      Examples of cutomizeable encoder: (ONLY IN ASP) you have to use it with asp_eval_xxxxdog.asp. RECOMMENDED

      You may use classical cryptography, DES, AES or others to transfer data. Please see more details in Encoder Development

HTTP Setting

Sometimes you may want to customize HTTP headers, such as Cookie, User-Agent and etc. or just adding some specific data into your POST. At this time you need 「HTTP Setting」.


    This section is about filling in value for HTTP.

    Eg: User-Agent ==> AntSword 2.0 dev

    Name ==> User-Agent

    Value ==> AntSword 2.0 dev

    If more than one value is needed in HTTP header, please add 「[+]Header」.


    This section is config for HTTP body. Name for Key in POST. Value for value of Key.

    Eg: mypass ==> antsword

    Name ==> mypass

    Value ==> antsword

    If more than one value is needed in HTTP body, please add 「[+]Body」.

Other Settings

  • Ignore HTTPS Certificate

Communication will fail if certificates in server is not trusted or expired. You should open this up to ignore check of HTTPS.

  • Cache For Terminal

    The result won't be saved to cache by default when using terminal.You can set this up to make sure cache will be cached if your Connectivity is poor.

    Cache will be used directly if commands you are going to execute. (NOT RECOMMEND TO OPEN)

  • Timeout

    Set up the timeout for HTTP. The unit is ms. 10000ms is setted by default. Please customize according to your own network situation.

  • Customize path of executing the terminal

    The default path for terminal is: /bin/sh and cmd. Please set up according to your own situation. Absolute path is RECOMMENDED.